Debating climate

Tomorrow I go to Oslo to be part of a panel at the Norwegian Social Forum. The title of the panel is “Structural Critisism in the Climate Debate”, so it should be obvious that the debate will revolve around the question of whether climate problems can be solved within the current international system (read: free market capitalism), or whether we have to transcend the system and change the whole societal structure to be able to counter climate crisis. Interested people should show up Friday 07.11 at 16.00 at Room C in the conference center of  the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions in downtown Oslo.

Other panel participants are:
Emilie Ekeberg, leader of Attac Norway
Torstein Dahle, leader of the party Red
Øystein Dahle, chairman emeritus of Worldwatch Institute and the Touring Association of Norway

Actually, Siri Hall Arnøy here at the Department was supposed to go, but due to her falling sick I have to step in. I am part of this not so much as “expert”, since this is slightly outside my field, but in combination with my membership in the Socialist Left Party (SV) it makes me an acceptable stand-in for Siri, who is a former member of Parliament for SV. I expect a lot of agreement in the panel, and for this to be an opportunity to have a constructive discussion with the audience about how a world capable of dealing with a climate crisis should look. For my own part, I hope for a principal rather than technical debate, as the latter type have dominated the climate debate for so long.

I was called about this earlier today, so I haven’t prepared much yet. I’ll come back with my introduction and a summary of the debate after the fact.


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