The formulation bank I

I am working on an essay for a class on the philosophy of science right now, and it’s not going too well. I’m trying to highlight the intimate connection between science and politics/the outside world, and it looks like I’m going for the historical angle, liberally taking quotes of famous philosophers out of context to prove a point. This will undoubtedly land me in a lot of trouble with “real” philosophers, but I think it’s worth it. However, it is a lot more work than I’d thought. More on this later.

My adviser just popped in with a fresh-off-the-press book, Living in a Material World: Economic Studies Meets Science and Technology Studies, and I of course had to sneak a peek.

This is a perfect opportunity to launch The Formulation Bank, where I store nice quotes for fun and possible later use. This one’s from Mirowski and Nik-Khah’s article on the performativity of markets:

“There has persisted a Groucho-Marxist quality that has pervaded the postwar history of STS: it was never quite content to join any academic club that would have it as a member”

I like the term Groucho-Marxist.


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