I came across this article on the increasing consumption [1] of “high” culture in the population, citing some evidence that people, on average, are getting smarter and more discerning in their choice of culture. This is opposite what many would expect, I guess. Leaving aside the point that many magazines, and especially The Economist, love these “the world is the opposite of what you thought” pieces, there are some interesting points here.

The two main reasons for this “age of mass intelligence” are cited in the article, and I agree: Higher level of general education and The Internet [2]. However, I still wonder if this just reflects the fact that most people simply consume more of all types of culture. And also, whether this is actually a sign of intelligence, or something else…

[1] Yes yes, I used the term “consume” culture. What are you, Adorno?

[2] Some would claim otherwise


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