Graphic violence

Since I don’t like Excel’s handling of graphs, I resolved to find better software to present them. After looking around a little, it seems like the big rage is the statistical program R, so I downloaded it (it’s open source, get it here). However, it turns out it’s actually not a statistics/graphing program, but a programming language made for manipulating statistical data. It all looks very good, but that is still a lot to demand from a poor researcher. I mean, I actually have some Java programming courses, and know a little C, but after half a day looking at how to do this I realize it’ll still take me a couple of weeks to really get the hang of this. I’m not sure I need that many graphs, so I don’t think it’s worth it outside of the pleasure of learning a new skill (and something to put on the CV). There must be something in between Excel and R out there, some graphing software that produces neat graphs without needing a lot of coding?


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