I’ve already complained twice about my difficulties finding good graphing software. Turns out the solution was right under my nose. The university has a license for Sigmaplot, which does the job quite nicely. It’s got more options for graphs than Excel, and exports them in much better resolutions. Just look at how the same Excel graph I showed you earlier turned out immediately with this program:

Better, no?

Better, no?

The difference might not seem like much, but this took me a lot less time, and the graph is not grainy at all. So I’m happy. Case closed.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking as well, and had more or less settled for the clumsiness of excel. The graphing tools of adobes in-design showed some promise as well, but not with the simplicity (AND good looks) of this.

  2. You guys and your numbers. Pah!

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