Nifty stats

Today I’ve been working on some data material Robert at my department gathered at the annual Research Days. The survey asked school children about their attitude towards and knowledge about climate change. We’ve found some interesting little tidbits that we’ll use for a media article, and maybe delve a little deeper into the material to find something to publish at a later date. There’s actually been some interest from other parties, so a web page will be set up to show some results from the data: Kultwiki [1]. Since the page isn’t up yet, have a graph:

Sorry for the Norwegian here...

Sorry for the Norwegian here...

The question is “Where do you get most of your information on climate change?”, and the answers (from left to right) are: “In school”, “Through the media”, “From my parents” and “From my friends”.

Since I know how much we all love graphs, don’t despair: There’s more where that came from. More to come, too.

[1] I put the address up before it’s finished, since I know that Thomas, who’s responsible for creating the pages, reads this. So now the pressure is on him…


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