Barack who?

Alright, so we’re all already sick of hearing of the Second Jesus over in the US of A, but this was so nifty I had to share it. It’s a composite picture of the inauguration of president Obama, composed from 220 individual photos.

It made me think of an article we discussed in our Handbook review today about scientific imaging. This photo was taken with cameras NASA developed for their Mars Rover robots, and it took a brand new Macbook Pro six and a half hours to compile it. No wonder, it’s 1474 megapixels large. How does that kind of processing fit into the debate over the presentation of scientific images as fact?

Update: I found this picture, and it seemed fitting:

My main man

My main man


One Response

  1. If they got NASA on the case I am sure it means we will get proper footage when Barack starts raising the dead, riding on dino’s and shooting lazers from his eyes.

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