Something’s receding, and it’s not my hairline

So I hear there’s this thing called a recession going ’round these days. It’s pretty bad, with unemployment rising in most countries and more people and businesses going bankrupt for every month:

Unemployment in some countries

Unemployment in some countries

Pardon the Norwegian there.

Recession is a pretty meaningless word in itself, and it’s worse in Norwegian, where it’s often referred to as “negative growth”[1], but I think this video did a good job of demonstrating what it means when the economy shuts down like this. It’s about a port somewhere in the US where nothing is happening anymore: cars are unloaded but not moved out of the port, huge amounts of paper, plastic and metal are piling up, and no crates are being shifted. From an environmental point of view, one should maybe be happy that the US doesn’t ship it’s used cardboard to China to be made into cardboard boxes again, but the problem is the speed at which this happens.

Luckily, some businesses are actually doing better because of the crisis. Maybe this points towards a smarter use of our resources?

Update: It may look bad here, but in China they just fired 20 million people

[1] We, however, do not refer to our government spending programs as “stimulus packages”, as if the economy was some sort of sexual organ.


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