Tweety nerd

Inspired by my own last post, I joined Twitter. My user name is @henrikkarlstrom (I think you don’t need the @, but that it’s a naming convention for this application. See, I do my research), if you for some strange reason want to join me. We can bandy witty comments about. Now I need to find out what you actually do there. Since I don’t want to constantly tell people what I’m doing (boring as hell), I figure I’ll use it to write down whatever interesting or amusing one-liners I get. Since no-one will be following me, it’ll be like my own private off-the-top-of-my-head formulation bank. Estimate of time I’ll keep doing this: 8 days.

Also, for future reference, here are the rules of squash[1]. It was actually quite fun, but now I’ve spent about twenty minutes watching crappy youtube videos of squash games. Enough.

[1] Also, skvåsj is a valid way of spelling the name of the game in Norwegian. Oh, Språkrådet, you will ruin our beautiful language.


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  1. you don’t need the @ in the username – you add it in your tweets to tell other tweeters that you are talking about them.

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