Interview with a…

My partner in crime Åsne and I are going to be conducting some interviews for our project this semester. We have three targets in mind: focus group interviews to get some information on how ordinary consumers relate to energy consumption and conservation, some individual interviews with economists who were active in the construction of Norway’s new Energy Act in 1990, and ditto for politicians and bureaucrats from the same period. This entails creating three different interview guides, and boy is this harder than it seems. The process is like an endless loop:

1: Figure out we want to figure out
2: Break this down to smaller chunks
3: Try to formulate questions that will cast light on these chunks
4: Take a long, hard look on the questions from 3) and see if 2) has to be applied again, or the questions reformulated
5: Test the questions on ourselves
6: Repeat 4
7: Test the questions on other test subjects
8: Repeat 6
9: Conduct interview
10: Realize in hindsight that much was lacking in interviews
11: Repeat from top

But somewhere, the line has to be drawn, and the data must be considered to be of sufficient depth and quality. Åsne has so far done a great job in the first 6 steps, and on Tuesday we will be trying out the focus group guides on the method course students here at the institute. Point number 7, check. It will be good training for all involved. I have never conducted group interviews, so this constitutes a first for me. Now, all we have to do is find some people to interview… Oh, and I have just learned how to book rooms here on campus. I learn a little every day.

The title of the post comes from the vampire book and movie Interview with a Vampire, which came to mind because I’m watching the HBO series True Blood these days. It’s about a modern day world where vampires have just become legal, and the series is set in the swamps of Louisiana. I like the Southerny feel to the series, and vampires are always cool[1], but the characters are slightly too much over-the-top for this to be a really good series.

[1] Well, except for this abomination:

Seriously? At least they could have called it a zombire

Seriously? At least they could have called it a zombire


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