Right back at ya

In an earlier post, I tried to come to grips with the problem of how to review a paper that in its current form is close to useless, and even when written out to something more than a work in progress will have serious shortcomings. I recommended the paper be included in the panel, if only for the possibility of it creating good discussions, but with the “major corrections needed” box ticked off.

The other day, we got our own paper back from review. Since Fate enjoys giving you the shaft, it of course had a major corrections tick attached to it. The reviewer pair had done a pretty thorough job, so even if I don’t agree with all of the comments, some of them will be incorporated into the final draft. That’s what you get, I guess. I wonder if they had the same qualms as we did, and whether we stood any chance of being rejected. We did turn in a paper that was far longer and more worked out than the one we reviewed, but our reviewers still said it felt like very much a work in progress.

Oh well, what’s a little more work?

PS: As after most posts, here’s a little something: Today I bring you some very, very dirty little letters that James Joyce wrote to his lover in 1909. No Victorian shame there…


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