I hate Flash

Ugly, but useful – that’s how I like my web sites. These last couple of days I’ve across some examples of the opposite: My girlfriend was in Rome this weekend, so of course I tried to find a good grappa for her to bring back home. My office mate led me to this Flash monster: Nonino. Not only is everything on the page subject to my Flash-block, and the usual problem of not being able to link directly to any of the individual pages on the site[1] is there, but every time you look at a product, the meny on the left side retreats, and you have to repeat the whole process every single time. I hope the grappa’s good, at least.

Another, more ridiculous example: Voss water. Forgetting for a while that the product itself is idiotic (designer bottled water?!), the web site is horrible. Fine, I get to choose my own background for my personal surfing experience, whoop-de-doo, but there is no information on the page what so ever. That’s of course not entirely true: We do get a long background story about friendship and “vision”. But let’s say want to buy the water, for some reason. What happens? “Please visit vosswaterstore.com for more information[…]”, demonstrating that the first page serves no function at all. Oh, and the receding-menu syndrome has struck again.

No, give me Useit.com, one extremely ugly page about web design. No graphics, ugly colors and very, very useful. Be sure to check out the Alertbox columns, presented to you in all its html glory. See what I did there? Linked to a page within the site! Unheard of!

In other news, those wacky pirates who made the documentary Steal This Film have released a spectrial edition of the movie with the advent of the Pirate Bay trial. Very, very pro-pirate, yet still interesting. Download it as a torrent (legally, of course), here.

PS: Don’t be upset, Flash. I don’t really hate you. You’re great for cute little games and YouTube. But why do you do this to yourself?

[1] Instead, if I want to direct you to one of their products, I have to say: Go to nonino.it, click “enter english version”, click “Click here to directly enter the site”, click the little triangle on the left border, click “Products”, click the product. Rinse and repeat or just give up.


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