Smart charging electric cars

From an environmental point of view, switching from fuel cars to electric cars makes perfect sense. It reduces emissions drastically from a sector responsible for a large part of it. However, there are a lot of difficulties to achieve this. The most pressing one is of course where the electricity should come from. If we have to double the amount of coal plants in the world to charge electric cars then we end up polluting more than if they run on fossil fuels. Also, the technical limitations of the cars themselves apply: charging time and distance limitations among them. All these things have to solved for there to be any chance of a switch to happen.

One other problem is the question of grid load. If everyone coming driving home from work around five o’clock plug in their electric car to charge the battery while they have dinner, the amount of electricity needed is likely to be far too much for the electric grid to handle. Some engineers in Washington seem to have come up with a possible techno-fix

Magic gizmo

Magic gizmo

to this problem, by installing “smart chargers” in the electric cars, so that the cars themselves use the load information from the grid to estimate when the optimal time for charging is, with regards to both price and need. Now all they need is for all that other stuff to get sorted out…


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