Bruno Latour, secret agent

The excellent OrgTheory blog has a post on Bruno Latour where they imagine what the world looks like for a man who rejects anthropocentric agency (but not anthropogenic climate change?). I don’t think these things are easy to talk about, too many pitfalls of language, but I have wondered about the same things (even if I don’t like the way people dismiss this as bullshit out of hand). Quote:

Bruno has gotten so good at practically deploying this new conceptual scheme (along with the radically new ontological partition of the world that it carries along with it) so as to transpose this newly acquired and newly mastered habits of perception and appreciation to discover evidence of the agentic capacities of those entities that were previously thought not to exercise it, in the history of Science and Politics. He has even uncovered evidence of humans being aware of this evidence, but then he noted that they proceeded to hide this evidence by creating elaborate systems of ontology and metaphysics in which non-human agency was explicitly denied, and in which it was explicitly conceptualized as being an exclusive property of so-called “persons” (where persons is now a category restricted to humans) only.

Some of the comments are illuminating in a way the post is not.


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